The Big Book of 1980s Serial Killers

book cover of The Big Book of 1980s Serial KillersTake a deep dive into the rise and fall of some of the most notorious serial killers of the ‘80s, including Jeffrey Dahmer, the Golden State Killer, the BTK Killer, and Richard Ramirez.

Neon leg warmers, big hair, rock band T-shirts, and mixtapes—1980s nostalgia at its finest. But just below that saccharine facade lurked a seedy underbelly of inconceivable human monsters like no decade before had ever seen.

The “Golden Age of the Serial Killer” brought a sharp increase in violent crime, panic, and terror, which sparked a chaotic race between serial murderers and law enforcement officers.

For the true crime fanatic who wants to investigate how these cases were solved, The Big Book of 1980s Serial Killers places these crimes within the sociocultural context of that most peculiar of decades.

Drawing from meticulous research, contemporary journalistic accounts, and trial transcripts, this book traces the methods law enforcement used to crack some of the most challenging serial killer cases in history.

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